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  • Cleanings: Dental cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities, gingivitis and periodontal diseases. Consistent, periodical, professional cleanings are to curtail maintaining good oral health. With our state of the art equipment and experienced dental hygienists, your cleaning visits will be comfortable and rewarding each and every time.
  • Fillings: A dental filling is a dental restorative material used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure destroyed by dental disease or trauma. Our doctors will analyze and provide you with the best options for ideal results, ensuring your comfort and well being at all times.
  • Tooth Aches: In most cases tooth aches are caused by tooth problems such as a dental cavity, a cracked tooth, an exposed tooth root and sometimes even gum diseases. Whatever the reason, it is never a good idea to just wait it out to see what happens. While preventive care is key in avoiding future tooth aches, living with the excruciating pain should never be an option. Allow us to find the root of the problem and provide you with gentle care, ensuring lasting relief from your tooth ache.
  • Periodontal Services: At Father and Son Dentistry we offer a variety of periodontal services for your convenience which include but are not limited to: dental surgery, dental implants, bone grafting, crown lengthening and more.
  • Invisible Braces: By choosing invisible braces you are choosing the easy and discreet solution to align and straighten a broad range of conditions for a stunning, beautiful smile. Allow us to provide you with a custom fitting for the most comfortable and effective method of straightening your teeth. It is the clear and simple way to straighten your teeth without heavy, uncomfortable, metal braces.
  • All Phases of Dentistry: At Father and Son Dentistry we specialize in all phases of dentistry. With a focus on gentle care in a safe and comfortable setting, we provide the following services: cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, porcelain veneers, dentures and partial dentures, root canal therapy and oral surgery.
  • Root Canal and Extractions: A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. Whether you are in need of a root canal or extraction, we will ensure to provide a truly worry-free, positive visit for all of our patients, each and every time.
  • General Anesthesia: Though the majority of dental procedures can be performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia plays an important role, allowing even the most anxious dental patients treat and care for their dental needs in a relaxed, comfortable state.